Kakao-ceremoni 16/2 17-19.30

Missa inte detta!
albin och medlemmar från mantra-gruppen Kirtankura kommer och håller en kakao-ceremoni på hygge yoga!
Earlybirdpris 200:- Bokas via bokningssida!

Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Songs
Since time immemorial, humans have gathered in ritual and ceremony. Using our bodies and voices as bridges and with the help of the plant kingdom, we have sought and found a deeper connection with spirit. Over the years, our ancestors all around the planet discovered certain songs to help us strengthen this bridge to the spiritual realm – sacred songs, songs that awaken our heart and our capacity to heal, to love and to live in harmony.
Cacao has been revered for ages as “The food of the Gods”, Theobroma Cacao, and has even been used as currency by the Mayan civilization. It is known for its heart opening and gently stimulating properties.
In this ceremony, we will dive deep into the power of the sacred songs from India and the Americas, assisted by the gentle spirit of Cacao. With our presence and voices, we will open up a space for healing, love and celebration of life.
There will also be ceremonial cacao sold at the event, bring 200 SEK in cash if you are interested in this.